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Mother, Here's How to Overcome Back Pain After Childbirth

After giving birth, some mothers may experience back pain. This condition can certainly disrupt the comfort of activities and pleasant moments with the baby. Come on, immediately find out how to overcome them. Back pain after childbirth can be caused by increased body burden on the spine and back muscles. This can occur due to stretching of the abdominal muscles, weight gain, and hormonal changes during pregnancy. In addition, back pain after childbirth can also be caused by body position and contractions during labor, not accustomed to holding your child, or improper posture when breastfeeding. So, how to overcome it huh? Various Ways to Overcome Back Pain Back pain after childbirth usually goes away by itself less than one month after giving birth. However, there are several easy ways you can do to overcome the discomfort caused by back pain, namely: 1. Exercise Exercise is not only beneficial to reduce the risk of back pain during pregnancy, but also can restore muscle stren
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Getting to Know Intermittent Fasting which is Claimed to Reduce Weight

Intermittent fasting was once a popular way to lose weight. What does intermittent fasting take place? And is this type of fasting really healthy? Intermittent fasting is fasting which is done by eating as usual for a few days a week, and fasting on other days. Fasting can be done by not eating for a period of time, or simply reducing the calories that come in. Intermittent Fasting Method There are various methods that can be chosen to undergo this fast, but there are three intermittent fasting methods that are most commonly done, namely: Method 16/8 or the Leangains protocol Do not eat for 16 hours a day. For example if you choose to eat at 4 o'clock in the morning, then you can only eat again at 8 o'clock at night. Eat-stop-eat Fasting 24 hours a day, usually done twice a week. So if you eat at 7 in the morning, then you can eat again the next day, at 7 in the morning too. Diet 5-2 In two non-telling days in 1 week, you should only eat no more than 500-600 calorie

With a Psychopath Test, These Factors Will Be Revealed

To detect a person's tendency to become a psychopath requires a series of psychological examinations, one of which is a psychopath test by a psychiatrist. What factors determine a person to be a psychopath? Check out the following explanation. Psychopaths are people who have antisocial personality disorder that is characterized by certain behaviors. Antisocial personality disorder can begin in childhood, then continue in adolescence to adulthood. To determine whether a person can be called a psychopath or not, can only be done through psychiatric medical examinations and psychological test, by a psychologist or psychiatrist. One of the psychological test to detect this psychopath is called Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R). This instrument can determine personality traits, behaviors, as well as other psychological parameters, such as the tendency to violate the laws and norms of society. There are several factors used as benchmarks in the assessment of psychopath tests: L